Shantou City Park surplus clothing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a development, production and sales as one of the senior women's brand operators. Company's brand "PARKYAN" from Paris, a noble temperament elements as the leading apparel brand, its development of each stage has a legendary story background. "PARKYAN" apparel style with its stylish European popular culture as the connotation of the perfect integration of oriental subtle elegant fashion elements, romantic, luxurious, elegant PARKYAN brand design direction.


Product positioning major shopping malls and stores, based on the domestic secondary market. PARKYAN apparel for all independent pursuit of freedom, fashion and taste sensitive, confident and optimistic metropolis modern knowledge and design of women, elegant, luxurious and romantic, PARKYAN brand expression of the most distinctive theme, the simplicity and elegance of the full interpretation of modern women interlacing The high quality of life, the perfect show charming, handsome, poetic, passion and wisdom of the female charm! - "leading the fashion, enjoy the popular", is PARKYAN brand charm!

PARKYAN柏盈女装 源自巴黎的贵族奢华气质元素

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