Mammy`s star (Mummy Star) children's clothing brand designed for 3-16 years old, height 100-160cm children, large children design. Company surface, accessories strict control, strict selection of manufacturers! To ensure that the surface, accessories without any harmful substances, pay attention to hygroscopicity, breathability, softness, moisturizing, environmental protection and other functions, the mother Mammy`s star (Mommy Star) children's wear quality control is very good, in line with international ecological textile standards, Approved by the European Apparel Quality Supervision Bureau. Mammy`s star This lovely "five-pointed star" character modeling is the mascot and image of the brand representatives, their various smiley face not only shows the lively and lovely, bright and clever personality, but also reflect the fashion and The pursuit of the brand concept of peace. Mammy`s star r children's clothing advocates the natural style of fashion, the pursuit of real self-life style, everyone is the mother's baby. The use of natural fibers, fur, leather, modal fabrics to fully express the child's natural instinct, in color, with red, sapphire blue, white as the basic color, pink, pink blue, rose red and popular colors, supplemented by color. Drawing international popular elements, combined with national conditions, skillfully blend design. And each design has a unique flavor of the brand, without losing the popular taste. With creative styles and concepts, each with strong matching. Guide and stimulate the potential demand of consumers, become a shining star in the children's clothing industry! Mammy`s star shaping the fresh and healthy nature of urbanized children's return to nature, but also inspire children's lively and lovely nature, but also reflects the concern and expectation of parents and children on their children!

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