singlenoble single aristocrat brand meaning and soul from its brand name - singlenoble single aristocrat regardless of age, status, occupation, beauty and ugliness and the rich and the poor, as long as your heart hidden a noble expectations, you are in your mind Single Noble singlenoble single arrogant on behalf of freedom, self-confidence and charm, she represents the spirit of the new woman will never be outspoken in the garment industry in Taiwan has 31 years of operating history in the market has a leadership position, and continue to provide customer excellence The quality of service, the credibility of the establishment of integrity.


Since its establishment 31 years ago, the noble aristocrat has continued to maintain its refined and refined line of brand, insisting on the selection of high-quality fabrics and materials. It has always been characterized by concise and elegant design, blending the popular elements of European and American fashion with neat lines and flowing lines, For the Taiwan women in mind the familiar high-end brands.

独身贵族女装 勾勒出独特的都会时尚

Single noble with 28 to 40-year-old female as the main customer base, they have an independent financial ability, confidence in the fashion trend and full of dress, clothing quality and quality of life is even more extreme requirements. And accessories series. With a unique fashion sense of elegant clothing, providing the workplace and home women, whether in work or leisure occasions are easy to match the clothing and accessories

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