On November 16th, Yao Xiaoman, secretary general of China Feather & Down Industry Association, stated at the press conference of the 17th China International Down & Feather Expo and the 3rd Xiaoshan International Down Festival held in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou that China is the largest exporter in the down industry. In consumer countries, the down industry, especially down comforters, has been wintering and catching up with historic development opportunities.

Yao Xiaoman said that down compared with other materials with green, natural, thermal characteristics, any material can not be replaced. With the development of the economic level, down products, once considered to be high consumption by the foreigners, are gradually sought after by the Chinese people and will open up new market patterns.

According to her understanding, down bedding is the focus of the down industry. It has started to develop in the last two years and exports have accounted for 9%. This year it is expected to export 2.8 billion to 2 billion yuan. If there is no feather bedding in foreign five-star hotels will not be rated on the stars, China's feather market is a bright future.

At present, the Xiaoshan down companies have not only achieved a low point, but also overcome the difficulty of odor in down products, forming a group of Chinese brand-name down products led by North Swan, Fei Lihong and Diou Da.

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