As we all know, beauty is a woman's nature, shaping, beauty is the pursuit of a woman's life, a life-minded, health-conscious women, she will grow from the day began to constantly improve and perfect their own image, so proud of themselves Curve, the devil-like figure, so in the long run, China's underwear industry is very optimistic optimistic about the adjustment.

As the first brand in China underwear brand Love yarn not only provide body products for women, but also actively promote the health of women body sculpting knowledge, to convey the fashion, the concept of health, so that the wrong Chinese underwear wear underwear, wear clothing, wear health And fashion. Love yarn through the traditional adjustment of underwear fabrics, process improvement, so that underwear has become more stylish, comfortable and healthy. Miss White is love yarn baby underwear fans, she told reporters that she became a fan of underwear love fans, the reason is very simple, that is, Love yarn products affordable, good quality, service in place. It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of Love yarn underwear and international big-name underwear Triumph comparable, but the price is only about one-third of it, even the salaried women can afford to wear. It is commendable that love yarn adjustment gown not only help her correct the humpback defect, but also create a moving curve, as she did not have time to correct the body because of heavy workload, body shaping also want to have a devil figure of women, love yarn Adjustable underwear is definitely a good choice. Love is also the service of special yarn in place, the waiter took the trouble, one hundred test not discuss, but also carefully, to her propaganda lingerie purchase and maintenance of common sense, so she was very caring, so that the customer when God's brand is very easy to win Consumers heart, build brand loyalty.


Qin Yuxia, general manager of Love yarn apparel Group, said that at present, the homogenization of the domestic underwear brand serious, in order to stand out in the fierce market competition, we must enhance the added value of the brand and product of high-tech content. We love yarn underwear highlights there are three. First, sophisticated design. Love yarn underwear brings together the principles of medicine, fatology, ergonomics and professional underwear design, after sophisticated calculations and design, to exquisite decoration-oriented, petite design exquisite, and has a strong sense of fashion. In particular, the design of the shoulder strap, slender single or double root shoulder strap is very prominent, cup connection and side ribs are as small as possible, the perfect sexy woman showed. Second, fabric high-tech. Love gauze health conditioning underwear Featured Crystal cherry high elastic fibers, pearl silk protein, bamboo carbon fiber Lycra and other senior health fabrics, the latest hexagonal diamond preparation process, with negative ions, far infrared, ultra-soft memory of the special effects of the sculpture female The perfect body at the same time, massage the skin, burning fat, thus promoting lymphatic drainage, so that breasts get a healthy care. Third, meticulous service. "Care for women intentions, intentions of service" is the purpose of love yarn and the eternal pursuit of business, whether it is joined the underwear business, or customers who have bought Love yarn products, we are warm and meticulous and provide "nanny-style" service, which may It is one of the reasons why soaring performance of Love yarn in the short span of three years landing in mainland China.

Mr. Zou Jifu, chairman of Love yarn International Group, said no one and no one company which casually to success, Love yarn is also true. Loving yarn is the result of the joint efforts of lovers. Of course, the true meaning of "caring for women and serving with sincerity" comes from the heart of the workers. This service integrates the feelings and painstakingly devotes itself into the endeavor and thus has great appeal and vitality , The most likely to be recognized and accepted by customers. The key to enterprise customer service lies in "intentions" nuanced, all small aspects and links are thought to do, take the trouble and be patient until the customer satisfaction so far. Only in this way can we establish a long-term and prosperous relationship with our customers so as to retain old customers and win new customers.

High-tech, cost-effective products, meticulous service, any one of these points are enough to make Love yarn underwear become a big winner on the market, not to mention Love yarn also have the above three?

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