From the Hong Kong "DITTO" brand services and their own way of life full of positive, intellectual, dreams and beautiful urban women. In order to be sensitive to the trend of international fashion trends, we will keep pace with the fashion demands of domestic urban women and pursue the concept of "noble, elegant, confident and generous", and strive to perfect the tailoring to create the feminine beauty.

迪图 - DITTO

迪图品牌女装 梦想因你而美丽

迪图品牌女装 梦想因你而美丽

Target consumer groups:
Consumer psychology age as the standard, the age of 28-38-year-old female knowledge as the main consumer product style:
Noble, elegant, confident, generous
Product Category:
Shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, leather garments, cotton jackets, suits, coats, jeans, slacks and more.
(Note: spring and summer products about 250 models, dresses fixed at about 70; autumn and WINTER PRODUCTS about 250 models, sweaters fixed at about 80 models;)

Price: 168-698 yuan in spring and summer, the average unit price: 400 yuan up and down;
198-1580 autumn and winter, the average unit price: 500 yuan up and down;

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