When everyday life and high-end fashion spark a spark of inspiration, luxury fashion shows and practical daywear fashion, a streetwear outfit that combines both is derived. It attracts the attention of fashion media and consumers.

Women value the fashion of the daytime outfit Tom Julian Group consultants and Kimberly Cihlar, the fashion writer of kci media, said: “I think most people don’t have any room for imagination when they dress, but once they see who is put on, the clothing becomes Can be read and accepted."

If the trend of clothing is guided by the masterpieces on stage T, then there are not only styles but also colors and materials that make up the works of masters. The various elements of fabrics constitute the most important part of the fashion trend. Different colors and different materials will be worn by different people. They will have different personalities and will eventually reach the eye-catching goal. This information is educative for people who are unfamiliar with fashion and is also inspiring for fashionistas. In either case, streetwear has potential to drive the fashion retail industry. According to the director of exhibitions and public relations of some Chinese and Western companies under Dillard Department Stores, “The Streetwear has opened up new business development space for the fashion retail industry. It does play a role in a certain target group.”

According to the Lifestyle Montior data, 66% of consumers wear clothes from the clothes they have purchased and like, followed by the display window of the fashion store (45%), still 33%. The consumers are influenced by the clothes they see in daily life. This influence not only comes from the surface fashion styles and color patterns, but also from deep fabric trends.

However, creative director of Barney Department Store believes that there is no direct influence on street tide outfits because it is far from ordinary people's daily life. “But it gives people the space to explore and try. In fact, the real streetwear is anti-fashion. However, it encourages the ordinary people to try more than they thought.” This also evolved more novel material, plastic Plants, various functional, and environmentally friendly, broke the boundaries of the original fabric.

The American Cotton Company's Lifestyle Survey found that women are more likely to get fashion ideas from the window display than men (percentage is 52% vs. 35%). The percentages that are affected by daily sightings are 36% to 31%. It is 32% to 18%, the percentage from advertising is 25% to 22%, the percentage from fashion magazine is 27% to 10%, the percentage of TV shows is 21% to 15%, the percentage of celebrities is 13% to 8% .

According to the data from the Lifestyle Survey, consumers younger than 35 years are more likely than older consumers to get a dress code from everyday seeing (percentage is 41% vs. 30%) from fashion magazines (percentage is 26% vs. 17%) ), from TV shows (percentage is 25% vs. 14%), from celebrities (17% vs. 6%).

Fashion blogs collecting street tidal outfits Blogs about celebrity street wear have come to light in recent years, and the number of blogs has only increased. During the annual fashion show, fashion blogs are also presenting big fashion shows. Fashion people are further analyzed from style to material, color and pattern.

Scott Schuman, the global fashion leader, started writing street blogs in 2005. His blog readings averaged 70,000 daily. Schuman spends four to five hours a day searching for his tidal wave in the street. His blog captures the inspiration of the street crowd and shares it with fans. In the part written for Intel's Visual Life series, Schuman mentioned: "When a costume jumps into my eyes, I don't really think about whether it's fashionable. I just want to keep that moment." At this time, Or beautiful, or novel and unique, can be the trend of income, not only the style, more of the material sent out of the perception and touch.

Fashion writer Cihlar's columns are richly illustrated, and they give the reader a visual and textual feel. She thinks there are currently two ways of performing streetwear. “A real street hipster combines the basics of the costumes of the hand or the big or new designer or luxury brand to create a fashionable style with a personal style. The other one is out of place for the street. The “hyperphonic” tidewear worn by bloggers, the fashion retail industry’s job is to combine high-end or high-end brands with fast-selling brands, such as H&M and Target, to highlight the brand’s charm through the color and pattern of fabrics, and to make people obtain The opportunity to wear designer branded clothing allows more people to reach the fashion concept with an acceptable price/performance ratio."

Cihlar added that consumers are always easily influenced by people around them. “People usually have a mind-set psychology. If people dress too much, they will be influenced by what the street sees everyday. Inspiration is everywhere. Yes, inspiration is mutually inspired, it is a cycle from street hipsters to ordinary people, interacting and interacting.The role of street tide outfits in the fashion retail industry may not yet be certain, but any element that makes people pay attention to fashion There is a truth to it."

For the fashion retail industry, blogs are only valid until the start of the season because retail stores are planning to place orders. Although it is not clear whether retailers will change their order list because of a blog post. But if someone wears this before the preseason fashion show and says "This is going to be popular," retailers may react. More fashion people think that the influence of blogs is a matter of opinion. “Some bloggers boast about themselves. Others, such as the Sea of ​​Shoes, ManRepeller and Tavi, have many fans and greater influence. The key is to keep alive.”


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