With the improvement of the taste of life and the improvement of people's consumption level, everyone pays more and more attention to the aesthetics of home. Textile is also more and more close to people's life with his unique charm, which is loved by people. In home life, the use of textiles is actually a very interesting lesson. Violet Home Textiles has always been a home textile brand that home textile franchisees are keen to pursue, and is also a brand home textile that consumers can buy with confidence. So what should you pay attention to when purchasing, selecting and using textiles? The home textile brand Violet is for you to analyze and let you buy home textiles without any worries.

1. Buying first pays attention to environmental protection When purchasing home textiles, you should first pay attention to the brand, raw materials (such as fiber components), environmental factors (such as dyes), not the price and style. Manufacturers should also indicate the correct method of use and washing method when indicating the raw materials and dyes. The most commonly used raw materials for household textiles are cotton, hemp, other natural fibers, polyester-cotton fibers and other synthetic fibers.

2 Understanding Home Textiles Home textile products are called “soft decoration” in the room decoration package, which plays a decisive role in environmental creation and conversion. Household textiles can be divided into towels (towels, bath towels, beach towels, floor towels), blankets (sheets, bedspreads, duvet covers, etc.) (all kinds of blankets, carpets, carpets, tapestries), par (handkerchiefs), belts (tassels, Trimming, etc.), curtains (various curtains, shower curtains, etc.), kitchen (tablecloths, napkins, bibs, cleaning towels), fabric sofas and various types of cushions.

3 Careful selection of colored fabrics High-quality household textiles will not fade even after repeated washing and long-term exposure to sunlight. Some of the dyes in textiles can cause cancer, so the covered bedding should be light white. Other household textiles should use non-fading products.

The choice of 4 bedding products depends on the price-performance linen home textiles, which have the characteristics of moisture absorption and heat dissipation, and are most comfortable in summer. Hollow fiber is favored because of its many voids in the fiber, light weight, good heat retention, high elasticity, strong resilience and other excellent properties. Its quality and price are based on the void "hole" in the fiber, such as "nine holes". It is "higher than the price of "three holes", and the price is the determining factor.

5 wash towels, sheets, quilt cover, pillowcases are easy to breed mites. Aphids not only produce raw wine, but also one of the sources of asthma. Therefore, towels, bed sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases should be washed and changed frequently. Generally, it is better to change once a week. Textile products in public places such as hotels should be changed and disinfected every day.

6 Children's textiles focus on safe household textiles such as children's bedspreads, blankets, bedding, etc. The most suitable material is cotton.

7 Understand that the high formaldehyde content of green textiles and textiles will stimulate human mucosal tissue. Therefore, attention should be paid to the formaldehyde content when using non-ironing products. Green textiles refer to eco-textiles that use textiles that are harmless to the surrounding environment. However, natural fiber fabrics are not necessarily green textiles.

8 Note that the price of textile shrinkage fabric is affected by the texture of the fabric. The price of cotton, linen, silk and wool is too high, but it is also the most popular, but the texture of these fabrics has a certain shrinkage rate. When you buy it, you need to leave some rich and shrink the size. At present, the country does not have a standard for shrinkage. The standard implemented in Europe is 3% to 5%. You should ask when purchasing.

9The size of the textile should conform to the sense of space. For the hanging fabrics such as curtains, curtains, wall hangings, etc., the size of the area, the vertical and horizontal dimensions, the colors, the patterns, the styles, etc. should match the space of the living room and the scale of the facade, visually Also have a sense of balance. For larger windows, it should be decorated with a wide window and a length close to the ground or floor curtains; in a small space, it should be accompanied by a small fabric, so that there is no imbalance.

10 textiles in all spaces should be suitable for local use. The most suitable functions of textiles are: bedding should have antibacterial function, sofa cloth should have antifouling function, curtains should be able to prevent ultraviolet rays, kitchen textiles should have flame retardant function, and bathroom supplies should be best. Has a certain degree of moisture resistance.

Have a perfect living space, enjoy a wonderful home life, choose the violets with exquisite bedding. (Violet Violet Home Textiles)

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