Yesterday, the international gold spot opened 1707.7, the highest intraday 1710.0, the lowest 1692.2, closing at 1699.7. There was a moderate decline throughout the day. The daily line was small with a very short upper and lower shadow. The Asian market experienced a slight concussion and the performance of the market was deserted. The European market experienced a downtrend and the US disk continued its downward movement from the European market but it was not strong enough. After the US dollar index rose sharply last Friday, there was a slight decline of 0.2%, and crude oil moderately decreased by 0.79%. Now it is due to the oversold rebound after the market crash, and it is still suitable for low-dominance. Tactics, strictly control positions, strict stop loss.

The euro zone may face a mild recession The European Central Bank recently stated that the 17 countries in the euro zone may face a “moderate recession” this year. Central bank officials said that due to the tightening of bank credit and the reduction of budget spending by governments in the euro zone, economic growth in the region may be affected. And rising oil prices are unlikely to have an impact on the inflation of euro-zone countries. Although higher oil prices and rising consumer purchases of value-added taxes in certain countries may increase the inflation outlook in Europe, from the current situation, if the record high unemployment rate is still rising, the EU and international currencies** Organizations and other borrowers even require the public to make greater sacrifices. Then the anger of the Greek public for deep recession will be pushed to a new round of peaks. The countries in the euro zone have temporarily escaped the continuation of the domino effect of the Greek default. However, the follow-up impact after the crisis is still relatively long-lasting. For traders, we must avoid problems.

The Fed may raise the cash reserves of the domestic banking industry To prevent excessive credit generation, the US Federal Reserve Board may raise the central bank’s cash reserve requirements for the domestic banking industry. Economists believe that although this approach will not immediately have an impact on credit flows, it will be an “insurance policy” in the fight against increasing inflation. Data shows that in mid-2011, the number of commercial and industrial ** surged. Judging from the overall situation in 2011, this kind of growth in Bank of America has increased by 9.7%. This is extraordinary. In the next few years, the United States will again face the risk of a surge in the number of banking industry. Judging from the current economic situation, the sudden rise of credit and currency growth will occur at any time. Therefore, for the sake of safety, the Fed should give the banking industry more cash reserve requirements. At present, the excess reserves of the U.S. banking industry are approximately 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars.

Analysis of gold technology in the fundamentals The continued crisis in Greece may see a mild recession in the euro zone. Non-agricultural data shows a slight bullish gold price but the market has experienced substantial volatility. From a technical point of view, the momentum of the upward movement of gold has increased. From a small period of time, the current rise is still 50% of the drop in the previous wave trend and breaking point upward, the market performance has been strong. The short-term rising trend line of gold from the 30-minute chart did not appear to be damaged. The fall in this level yesterday was only a minor correction. From the hourly chart point of view, the repression of the average system was only supported on the 10-day moving average and the indicators appeared certain. Deviation. The hourly chart shows the parallel adjustment of the Bollinger Bands, running the Bollinger Bands. The KDJ's low volatility has the phenomenon of a gold fork. In addition, from the perspective of the daily chart, the price of gold has been on the rebound of the 2 waves and signs of strength. Therefore, it is still the best choice to stay low. Gold supports 1650,1630,1610. Resistance 1720,1730,1760

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