Nine animal husbandry King is China's leading business and leisure men's brand enterprises, the company's core products Joe King Men trousers and jackets have occupied the market leader. As of 2010, the dominant market of the Company's leading products, namely, JiuMin Wang brand men's trousers, ranked the first in the country in terms of overall market share for eleven consecutive years. The comprehensive market share of jackets ranked second in the country for three consecutive years (above market share is from China National Commercial Information Center National key large-scale retail enterprises, commercial group statistics) The company uses vertical business integration model, set branding, research and development design, production and sales as one, operating the nine Mu Wang brand men's pants, jackets and other apparel products. The company has always focused on the men's pants as the core of the high-end business casual men's strategic direction, committed to men have a cost-effective fashion Seiko, to meet different consumers wear on different occasions. Since the launch of Jiuyang Wang brand, the management of the company has always regarded the high quality as the foundation of the enterprise. The company has always regarded product quality management as an important work of the company, dedication to high-quality products to consumers as the company's business objectives, the management of product quality as an important part of the strategic management of enterprises. In order to ensure the consistent quality of the products, the company passed the IS09001 quality management system and product quality double certification. The leading products passed IS014001 Environmental Management System and China Environment Product Dual Certification respectively and obtained the certificate of "National Quality Inspection Qualified Products". The company won the "national product quality, service reputation double security enterprises" in the world. The company is also involved in the development of the "People's Republic of China National Standard trousers" (GB / T2666-2009), "People's Republic of China national standard washing clothes" (GB / T22700-2008) the main drafting unit. The company has a provincial-level technology center, the testing center has been approved by the Chinese National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment, with dye labs, constant temperature and humidity lab, rating-specific darkroom, testing equipment, with textile formaldehyde content, PH value, Color fastness and many other indicators of the detection capacity, the detection level reached the leading domestic level.

Plus Size Clothing

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plus size clothing

Plus Size Clothing

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