DILI fashionable women's wear is the famous brand of Spanish high-color International Fashion Co., Ltd., which has a unique operation mode of global fashion brand. It is famous for its magnificent design power and trendy cultural molding power.


DILI brand prototype is a mixture of creators and lovers. The mission of the creator is to create something of lasting value and make the vision happen. Lover is to sway charm, to win intimacy, enjoy the love and be loved spirit of life. Emancipate female independence, creation, passion, sensibility, appreciation ......

DILI时尚女装  享受爱与被爱的精神生活

DILI brand value proposition is to show the women in career and life ease, that is, with independent creativity, but also full of passion and emotional love and be loved.

The core target consumer group is a 25-30-year-old modern urban fashion white-collar beauty, career smug, passion burst of life, highlighting the rational and emotional new female charm.

DILI时尚女装  享受爱与被爱的精神生活

Dili (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., a DILI (Asia Pacific) operator, has a strong foundation of 11 years of brand operation and strong operational support for DILI. Now it is carrying the DILI brand in mainland China.

Table Cloth

The table cloths are used to place cups/ bowls/ dishes and other tableware for wedding, party, advanced hotel or pub, coffee house and so on. There are cotton damask table cloth, cotton mommie table cloth and Polyester Table Cloth, and they are heat resistant and machine washable. The table cloth can be made in many colors as white, black, red, blue, ivory and so on.

Our company, Shijiazhuang Guangda Textile Co., Ltd can make the table cloth from 40gsm to 150gsm, in square, rectangle and round shape. The normal sizes of table cloth are 50x50cm, 140x140cm, 180cm round; other sizes are also makable. We first put the table cloths 10pcs into a poly bag, and then pack by a carton box with customer logo and name; we can also pack them as customer required.

Table Cloth

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