Shandong Shu Lang Garments Co., Ltd. located in Yantai City, Shandong Province Economic and Technological Development Zone, is set product design and development, production and sales as one of the professional women's business. Founded in 1999, "Sunshine female, Shulang life" cultural concept, support Shulan started from women, derived from a multi-brand cluster of strategic pattern, and then stand out in the national garment industry, is a year casting remodeling fashion brand Business management.

Since its founding, Schuler has devoted itself to the building of Chinese national brands and has introduced such brand names as Shulang, Beauty Vine, GOGIRL, GOGIRL KIDS, Drunk Cool, Masterpieces, etc. to build a brand incubator base and to gradually establish a brand base with France, Italy, South Korea and other countries Design Studio's cooperation and exchange, continue to internationalization of the brand forward.


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W3 / W4: Women

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Time: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing)


Shulang - Shurang brand clothing for attractive and charming modern women, they elegant, dynamic, real face to present themselves. Follow the trend of the pace, with the smooth structure of the human body cutting process, the international sense of boldness, modernity and identity into one, stable and atmosphere.

Beauty of the vine - the United States and the vine has always been to fashion and leisure as a brand language, interpretation of the modern city of young women fashion and leisure of the unique personality, soft atmosphere of life through the color and costumes show as much as possible.

GOGIRL - GOGIRL bold use of color and splicing techniques, as well as thick, thin, bright, black and white gray mashup style, specifically for the fashion and creativity of young girls design, with colorful accessories to meet them The desire to freely express one's personality highlights the freedom and unrestrainedness of youth.

Masterpiece - to taste and luxury to win, take the international high-quality line of fashion, financial classic retro, low-key luxury as one, designed to create in line with the trend, delicate fabrics, elegant details of the clothing, always close to the needs of women.

Drunk cool - to play classical colors as the brand language of the drunk cool, the innovation, independence, individuality, the combination of aesthetic techniques and harmonious clothing with just the right mix. One or more, unique or repetitive, "drunk" represents a place, a way of life and a unique style.

Ke Laimuomu - focus on those who have artistic accomplishments, enjoy the fun of life, women, to create a quiet, comfortable and free state of life. Breaking the mix of urban and formal design, the simple, neat yet rich design adds a touch of purity to the idyllic cotton dresses and creates a tranquil, comfortable and free-living environment.

GOGIRL KIDS - Continuing with the colorful and distinctive color features of GOGIRL brand and its mashup style, GOGIRL KIDS focuses on children's wearing comfort and the adoption of healthy and eco-friendly fabrics to create a colorful space for children with colorful imagination. It will bring joyful, naive and lively children a colorful and colorful Childhood memories.

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