From introducing the new Ankle Skinny collection from Levi's ® season to being more interested in the concept of 'Curve ID', we saw a completely different, personalized and customized pair of jeans - the lab editors talked "Will there be a small revolution in jeans?" By taking this opportunity, let's take a closer look at how this new product will be realized and let everyone know more about the new jeans size formula under the "Curve ID" concept For jeans lovers or wearers, it should be very practical). Curve ID, as its name implies, has its own body ID for each individual body curve. Under the concept of Levi's®, Curve ID will draw a variety of curves through three different body line features, as we have traditionally said The size of the richer, such as Curve ID pants will be divided into S-type (Slight), D-type (Demi) and B-type (Bold). Thick girls choose "Slight Curve" is like, "Demi Curve" will make the original less obvious curve looks more prominent, and "Bold Curve" can satisfy the buttocks and legs, based on the waist to fit more . In fact, so many girls encountered in the test jeans problems, can be included in the Curve ID category - from the waist curve as the first step to determine their size, through the fullness of the buttocks, and often wearing jeans may Appeared "tight waist", "behind the loose" or "covering area is not enough" problem, and ultimately get their own conclusions of the curve. Sometimes I have to wonder why the problems that have haunted us for so many years are not solved until now, but fortunately Levi's® gives us a good start and the choices are much easier. And this season's "Ankle Skinny" series, but also in the continuation of Curve ID design concept, from another point of view to enhance jeans. That is, through the "Denning style line" to redefine the most sexy women's position of the pants, so that the ankle for the entire body plus points, and then add color through the charm of the image, as Kimiko teachers often mentioned, to make our body look There is an infinite stretch of feeling (will see "Kangxi come" classmates, you can laugh without words). Through the "Curve ID" so that all girls can be more "refined" to choose their own pants, and then through this season's rainbow-colored "Ankle Skinny" series, further emphasize the color of the personality, Ankle understanding, play an "extension" effect. It seems that while clothing is less sophisticated than technology, it's actually quite commendable to be technologically and humane in design - we're going to pay for a pair of jeans not because of how expensive it is, but because Happily when I was wearing my body, it was my pants.

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