[This site - shoes and life] Pregnant women during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester of the three months, the demand for special shoes for pregnant women is very important, and currently pregnant women wear shoes mainly for the following three.

One for slippers

Its health risks are poor anti-skid function on the soles of the shoes, which can easily lead to twisting and falling, which seriously endanger the health of pregnant women and even lead to premature birth and miscarriage. Because pregnant women during pregnancy, the weight of the body generally increase about 15 kg, when walking on the legs and foot pressure is much greater, the center of gravity has also changed. Another point is that pregnant women sweat glands exuberant, sweaty feet, easy to form Sweaty feet may cause dermatitis when wearing rubber or plastic slippers. It is particularly evident in pregnant women with allergic constitutions. When dermatitis is only onset, it is only redness of the instep and may feel itchy, so many people mistakenly believe that it is “foot rash” or “eczema”. . And if the slippers are worn for too long, the bottom position will become depressed, and pregnant women will feel fatigued as if they did not wear shoes and walk on a hard and hard ground, thereby damaging the development of pregnant women.

Two for sports shoes

The design of ordinary casual shoes cannot be suitable for changes in the shape of a pregnant woman's foot, and therefore it is extremely uncomfortable to wear. The impermeability of sports shoes made of poor materials will also increase the swelling of the feet. Therefore, try to avoid wearing synthetic shoes or shoes made of nylon leather. The long-term pregnant women wearing flat shoes, usually the first landing on the heel and the foot after the ground, wearing flat shoes can not maintain the shock absorption of the arch, but also easily lead to muscle and ligament fatigue and injury is not conducive to the growth of pregnant women. And after birth there will be sequelae of postpartum low back pain.

Three for leather shoes

However, its ventilation is poor, and the sweat emitted from the feet after walking can not disappear in time, especially in sweaty feet. This gives anaerobic bacteria and molds a good growth and reproduction environment, so they wear leather boots. Easy to get beriberi is not surprising. In addition, because pregnant women have swollen feet and become more sensitive to leather, it is very easy for pregnant women to feel that their feet are hardened, which is not conducive to the walking of pregnant women. The sequelae of waist and leg pain will appear after birth.

Therefore, pregnant women in the selection of shoes, in addition to pay attention to comfort, warm, but also must take into account the need for arch. Because the flexibility of the foot depends mainly on the arch. In addition to absorbing shocks when walking, the arch can also maintain balance. Therefore, high-heeled shoes and fully flat shoes are not suitable for pregnant women, and about 2 cm in height, flexible, loose uppers made of soft materials, followed by relatively large and solid shoes are the best choice for pregnant women.

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