Yesterday, the domestic men's newspaper Baoti spokesperson Gu Tianle came to Wenzhou, and together with the winner of the 3rd cutting-edge art figures and Chairman of the Annunciation Group, Wu Zhize, they initiated the selection of the 4th Xinyao Art Characters. Since its launch in 2009, the event has been held in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenyang. The address was first selected at the headquarters in Wenzhou. Wu Zhize stated that the forthcoming cutting-edge art activities will seek innovation and breakthrough on the basis of paying attention to the professional standards of new artists, and give them more fashionable and richer new vitality.

Winner: Because of the cutting-edge, attention to the good news

“Many friends who work in art in Beijing are more concerned with the Anniversary Birds of Art Award.” Yesterday, the winner of the third most cutting-edge art figure winner was interviewed. Wenzhou Chen Chengwei said that because of this award, many young people in Beijing began to pay attention to the good news. Follow Wenzhou. He said that in the process of winning such a big prize, he completely did not participate in the process. The unexpected award gave him great encouragement.

In fact, in the past three elections, the moving voice heard a lot, and many newcomers won only after winning the award to understand this brand and understand Wenzhou's brand. It is reported that the “Avant-garde Art Character Award” is a long-established art prize for Baoxi Bird. It aims to promote the development of contemporary Chinese original art and support emerging stars in the art world. Since 2009, it has been successfully held three times. The author, Guo Jingming, the author of "Dwelling", 66, the fast female Jiang Yingrong, and the painter Wang Fei, won 12 awards and was sponsored by Baoxi Bird.

Annunciation: Chinese art needs cutting-edge power

"New" is promoting the development of contemporary Chinese original art and supporting the rising star of Chinese art. “Art is not just a spring snow, not just a decorative decoration for a few elegant people. Art should be integrated into our everyday life in a subtle way.” Wu Zhize believes that cutting-edge spirit is the source of promoting Chinese contemporary art. With power, it is the hope of writing a brilliant Chinese culture.

The Anniversary of the Anniversary of the Anniversary of the Newly Emerged Artists Jia Zhangke, the judge of the performing arts and the new generation of filmmakers, said that as long as this activity is carried out, it will surely contribute to the entire artistic community. This activity has two special features: First, this is an arts award event organized by a national brand in China; secondly, this award is set on the “new” and gives more opportunities to new people. The arts needs more. Inflation of the new generation of power.

Art and brand win-win

According to industry insiders, with the growth of a group of new and cutting-edge artistic figures such as the author 66, the painter Wang Fei, and the fast female Jiang Yingrong, the longer the time for the Anniversary Artist Awards, the more cutting-edge artistic characters they have helped. The brand's precipitation has also deepened. Art and brand will achieve a win-win situation.

"Behind the brand is the contest of culture and art, and the artistic atmosphere gives birth to top brands." Wu Zhize believes that in the future, China’s cutting-edge artists can only inherit the essence of Chinese culture and have an international vision of the times. This will enable Chinese culture and art to gain the right to speak in the mainstream of the world and truly breed the world's top brands with Chinese origin.

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