Soma official website: Senma autumn women's new, Senma store prices. Ostrich pattern generous simple package, section number 17533312007, ¥179. Women's canvas shoes, model number 16412312013, ¥269. Women's jacket, section number 12089312001,¥299

Men's large round neck long-sleeved T-shirt, model number 12015312101,Â¥159

Concise Slim small suit, the unique sense of layering below the left corner is very eye-catching, there are cute patterns inside! Ruffled skirt with high-top canvas shoes, will also receive unexpected beauty effects, high waist strap shorts, with solid color and floral shirt, you can interpret two different British retro style. Small swashes are very retro maiden, white shirts with bright knit jackets are the best for girls with white skin. Marine wind tops will always be able to shine with a single product. With a small round neck on the British retro flavor, cute but without losing the grid.

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Roller Blind Curtain Shade Gauze Zebra

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